All Seasons Communications | Creating energizing email campaigns
The use of e-newsletters for client retention is a great tool in addition to the use of social media to engage and retain new customers.
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Keeping in touch with consumers and brand aficionados has never been easier. Though social media commands much of people’s attention, there is still something to be said for well-crafted enewsletters, tailored to your fans.
The purpose of an enewsletter is to remain engaged with your customers, volunteers and people who appreciate your products or organization. Do not consider it only as a sales tool. Yes, sales are the goal; but developing and deepening relationships usually lead to future interactions and eventually, those coveted sales.
Take a good look at your enewsletter program. Do you have a fixed schedule for sending them out or do you do so as the mood strikes (not a good plan, by the way)? Have you updated the look of the enewsletter, or are you still sending the same style from several years (or longer!) ago? How do you collect email addresses? If you don’t already, add a call to action sign up button on your social media and website, request them through traditional communications and while at events, trade and consumer shows and at your dealership.
If your newsletter campaign hasn’t been reviewed in a while, now is the time. Keep these suggestions in mind when you do, and you’ll have an engaging enewsletter that people will look forward to receiving.
K.I.S.S– Keep It Simple, Silly is a good recommendation for many aspects of marketing and life. Short and sweet equates to more reads and less deletes. Long content, while you might think is important, is a turn off for many. Consider linking to a longer article. Look at an enewsletter as your introduction to a new customer/friend. You don’t want to overwhelm them, so remember to pucker up and K.I.S.S.
Show yourself– As mentioned, an enewsletter shouldn’t always be about sales. Use the opportunity to show some personality! Highlight a team member in a short bio, share an interesting facet of history or feature a fun event with photos.
Constant contact- While you might think your business has important news to share on a weekly basis, try to contain your excitement to a moderate level. Send out more enewsletters leading up to and during busy times for your business is understandable and appropriate. Try not to inundate with fluff as it takes away from when you have something truly important to impart.

Scrub-a-dub-dub– Many enewsletter services (;; will check emails to confirm their validity and then scrub out ones that aren’t correct, saving you time and money. If you haven’t already, make sure you note where and how you received the email. That way, you can create segmented lists to connect with customers over what they are interested in.

You’ve taken the time to collect emails, now put them to good use!

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