All Seasons Communications | Five tips for creating a successful Google AdWords campaign
Tips and hints to help run a successful Google AdWords Campaign for small businesses
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#1: Determine your objective

If your end goal is to sell more of a specific product, then focus your advertising efforts to that specific product. For example, if you have a snowmobile dealership and would like to increase sales of snowmobile gear, then target your ad copy and keywords specifically toward snowmobile gear.

#2: Check out the competition

Search Google using the key words and phrases you are using for your own campaign. Take notes on which businesses appear in the sponsored results and the messages in their ads. Don’t copy the competition, but learn from them. Make sure your ads stand out by using different headlines and offers.

#3: Include a call to action

Tell consumers what the next step is. Do you want them to sign up, join, make a reservation or call now? Let them know by including a call to action in your ad copy.

#4: Use ad extensions

Set up ad extensions to extend your ad copy with extra information such as your business address, phone number, links to specific pages within your website, product offerings, promotions and Google reviews. This will increase visibility of your ad on the search results page. Be sure your Google AdWords account is linked to your Google Business account. This can pull information from your business listing to populate some of the ad extensions.

#5: Ask for help

Contact the professionals at Google or your advertising agency for assistance in setting up or maintaining your Google AdWords campaign. They are always willing to assist and can offer tips to boost campaign performance.

Bonus tip #6: Apply these steps to Bing

Now that you are an expert in creating a successful Google AdWords campaign for your business, try Bing (Microsoft Advertising). Bing has a feature allowing users to import their campaigns from Google to save you time.

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