All Seasons Communications | Photos and Visuals in Communicating a Message
Importance of visual elements in communications: social media posts, websites and press releases
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Visuals in communications

The elements that make up a good piece of communications, be it a direct mail, enewsletter or social media post, is a mix of exciting and encouraging copy and amazing visuals to capture attention and sway decisions.

It seems there are more and more ways to get a message across to a consumer or engage with those who share an appreciation for a product, lifestyle or interest. One easy way to cut through the clutter and make your statement stand out is to utilize unique and expressive photos.

Visuals are an important part of messaging these days, as proven by these stats:

  • Blogs with at least one image per 75-100 words get double the social media shares as posts with fewer images.
  • Facebook posts with images earn almost 2.5 times more engagement than those with no images.
  • 45% of Facebook users watch at least an hour or more of Facebook videos or YouTube videos in a week.
  • Tweets with images get 18% more clicks, 150% more retweets, and 89% more favorites.
  • Mobile video watching is up to almost 10 million daily viewing minutes over the last two years across all social media platforms.

Here are some thoughts when considering photo

Original shots—People love to see the unique views and perspectives that your business or product can capture. Begin a social media conversation with a “Call-for-Photos” post that helps promote your marketing directives, for instance promoting a brand your store is having a special on, highlighting a certain manufacturer or participating in club activities. These first-person visual narratives will encourage current and potential followers to engage and promote your brand for you.

Controlled candid—While first-person shots are excellent at conveying a mood and experience, keep in mind the brand your photos are representing. Keep the candid photos clean, appropriate and something your mom could see. Make sure to check your lighting, background and don’t be afraid to get close (keeping safety foremost in mind) to the subject.

Stock it up—Sometimes the right photo can’t be found on a smartphone. For those times when a more polished professional photo is preferred, there are many options online to finding such shots. is just one subscriber-based photobank, there are multiple other options.

Vibrant video—Getting into the video craze can be as easy as stringing together select photos using available social media tools, or go for a full-on production. The video doesn’t need to be long, in fact, keeping it around 3 minutes or less is recommended. Don’t worry about sound, most Facebook videos are watched without sound.

It has never been easier to get your message or brand in front of millions of people who share your interests. To make your message stand out, include photos that best represent your business, club or group.

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